A Custom Designed Getaway

Lazok Industries specializes in second home cabin mountain properties on complicated sloping lots in highly wooded areas, maximizing any available views or terrain features. Whether you are looking for something small and cozy or a multi-family home or simply looking to remodel an existing older cabin. No job is too small, to large or to remote. Unique, hard to build lots present unique problems and require experienced design and construction techniques. We have overcome these problems for years in Northern Arizona as well as Southern Colorado and continually create dream cabins for our customers with seemingly impossible conditions.

We have found second home properties become a stressful endeavor for clients due to their remote locations. The system we created keeps our clients informed of the job as it progresses without the need to actually be on site during the construction process. If you current residence is out of county, state or even country… our building system allows the homeowner to always be aware through schedule updates, pictures and computer correspondence. Questions are answered and problems resolved quickly keeping the project moving smoothly and efficiently with low stress on the client.

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