James M. Lazok

I bring 30+ years of consulting, architectural design, owners rep, land development, engineering inspections, project management.  Hands on experience leadership in energy management, environmental design and systems integration round out his skillset. I am focused on prioritizing owner and stakeholder’s best interests to ensure they will continue to be properly represented until the project is successfully completed to the client’s satisfaction, all the while concentrating on personal high practices and standards for successful turnkey closeout project.

  • Creator / Owner of LWPS all phases consulting (more info)
  • Owners / Investors Rep for large scale developments (more info)
  • Project Manager / Bridge Agent (more info)
  • Structural engineering investigation (more info)
  • Create new start-up, turn-around, and expansion strategies
  • Execute vision, mission, and operational guidelines
  • Oversee performance roles, accountability, and compensation
  • Evaluations of management, structure and operational systems
  • Recommendations, solutions and application sequencing
  • Leveraging technology to enhance sustainability and performance

Referrals and Testimonials

Out of respect for my clients privacy, I do not list testimonials and referrals on this site. However, I am happy to provide references upon request. Call or email.

[email protected]

Creator of  LIVE | WORK | PLAY | SUSTAIN

Live | Work | Play | Sustain is a systematical legacy blueprint for the betterment of mankind. Redeveloping failing community infrastructure.

[email protected]

  • LIVE: Living in harmony through conscious awareness of mind, body, spiritual integration, nutrition and lifestyle.
  • WORK: Collaborative work for more heart satisfaction, economic gain and creative human expression.
  • PLAY: Thoughtful integration of time, place and nature through walkways, bike paths, animal parks, hiking trails, playgrounds etc.
  • SUSTAIN: Integrating state of the art products and services for Community Redevelopment superseding a failing global system.



Green to Gold LLC #275765
B-General Contracting
James Lazok / Daniel Olague

Past Licenses (All in good standing since 1985. Never a claim filed):

James M Lazok Investments LLC / B-General Contracting
Lazok Incorporated / B-General Contracting
Lazok Schoeder Enterprises / B-General Contractor

James Lazok Publications / Magazines

  • The Daily Courier: (Friday October 20, 2000) Front Cover Real-Estate- High Quality Construction
  • Sunset Magazine: (June 2001) Special Report Energy Wise [pgs 108-112] Interview James Lazok
  • Builder Magazine: (March 2001) High Tech Low Tech [pg 46] Interview James Lazok
  • The Daily Courier: (June 15 2007) Green Business Unite to Improve Offices and Codes / Seeds Of Change. Interview James Lazok
  • The Daily Courier: Consultancy Focuses Energy on Conservation. Interview James Lazok / Steve Voevodsky (Team Energy Smart Consulting)
  • Oikos: Green Building News (December 2000) Design /Build Mercury House. Brad Tito / James Lazok
  • Interstate Renewable Energy Council: PV Consumer Project. Brad Tito / James Lazok
  • The Mercury House: (Az Solar Center) Student & Consultant / Contractor Graduation Theses. Prescott College. Brad Tito / James Lazok
  • The Mercury House: Google News-American Solar Energy Society Feature Home
  • Prescott College News: Az Student & Consultant Build Sustainable Home-Mercury House. Brad Tito / James Lazok Collaboration

Journeyman skillset

  • Drilling and blasting specialist
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Underground utility installation
  • Flat work / formed and industrial tilt-up  concrete systems
  • Masonry (block, brick, stone)
  • Steel forms and erections
  • Custom framing / carpentry
  • Electrical / plumbing
  • Sheetrock installation, texture and finishes
  • Finish carpentry / trim work
  • Specialty fabrications in plastics, metals, and woods

Example Job Description Responsibilities

Administrative and Technical

  • Establish documentation requirements for projects at pre-planning phases.
  • Collect and draft preliminary estimates for project design services and create manpower schedules.
  • Draft and execute LOA’s, RFC’s and other forms required to initiate consultant services.
  • Facilitate project kick-off meetings.
  • Verify that appropriate consultants and services are engaged for each specific project.
  • Establish milestone dates and executive reviews at each phase, to ensure that consultants meet established schedules and budgets, while delivering the approved design concept.
  • Review concept documents, construction documentation and other submittals to ensure that projects are progressing in accordance with the established scope of work.
  • Coordinate with Construction Project Management team to ensure that complete design documents and deliverables are submitted according to project schedule and in conformance with project budget.
  • Coordinate and facilitate value engineering/analysis efforts with Construction Project Manager.
  • Communicate Owner’s comments to Design Consultants (in an Owner’s Rep capacity) for consultants to address and resolve.
  • Coordinate the various consultants in their efforts related to site visits, field reports, meeting minutes, page-turns and document reviews, punch lists and other project records.
  • Provide administrative oversight of contractor’s RFI’s, submittals and shop drawings to ensure that responses occur within scheduled time frame.
  • Verify that project consultants are providing services per established MRI-Design contractual agreements.
  • Communicate any potential shortfalls or areas of concern to the MRI-Design executive team.
  • Release consultants to next phase of services, upon executive acceptance of the work.
  • Maintain and archive project records
  • Review and comment on Architectural project specifications
  • Coordinate with graphics and signage designers to ensure these elements relate to the project design program and budget.
  • Generate details for building and finish components and assemblies on an as-needed basis.

Current Board Memberships

Member New Energy / New York

New Energy New York is a consortium of New York Organizations convened to expand and promote energy technology excellence in New York State, with a focus on promoting interaction between the state’s high tech companies to address energy-related technology issues. The idea behind creating a formal consortium of companies to pursue common technology initiatives is to bring attention to the state’s leadership on clean energy resources, and to provide benefits to each of its members through cooperation and coordination of marketing initiatives.

Member NAEM

NAEM is a professional association that empowers corporate leaders to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability.